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Welcome to my new site!

Hello and thank you for visiting! I've had other websites over the years, but now it was time for another change. After using retail-like site, I decided to showcase my art instead. My creative process is what I refer to as "Intuitive action fluid painting". I put out all of my paint and start to pick colors as Im about to start. I mix my own medium that I then add to acrylic paint which, allows the paint to be extremely fluid and pourable while maintaining dense pigmentation. Paintings can take up to one month to dry completely before I add two layers go clear gloss varnish. Afterwards I install all hanging hardware and wire so you are arrives ready to hang.

Please send inquiries to me at for any questions at all. I do commission work as well. If you see a painting you like but would prefer it in a different color scheme, I can create that custom piece for you. Or perhaps you want a different size, or multiple pieces, just let me know and I will work up your free quote. Of course, since the work I do is intuitive action fluid painting, no two pieces will ever look identical. Each one will be in a "similar style". 50% deposit's required for commissions, balance due upon shipping.

Free shipping to all USA residents, except Alaska and Hawaii. Quotes provided for those two states due to extra fees.

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